BlackBerry KEY2 Has Dedicated Button For Unknown Feature

BlackBerry KEY2 Teaser

The BlackBerry KEY2 has a dedicated button for an unknown feature on the keyboard. At the moment it’s not clear what the button will do but it’s likely to be a highlighted feature of the device once it launches and a significant one at that, as BlackBerry Mobile’s latest teaser for the unreleased phone places great emphasis on this one button which is definitely not present on the company’s KEYone device that was launched back in 2017. The teaser comes in the form of a short video on the BlackBerry Mobile YouTube channel, and can be viewed below for those interested.

In addition to this new, mysterious button that BlackBerry Mobile is highlighting the teaser also shows off the dual rear-facing camera system that can be found on the phone, further confirming it will come with two cameras on the back for some sort of enhanced photo experience, which is likely to be for depth of field-type images as this seems to be the way most manufacturers are utilizing the second camera sensor. The teaser also shows off the textured pattern design on the back of the phone, which was mentioned in an earlier report about the device where BlackBerry Mobile confirmed the date for the KEY2’s upcoming announcement event happening on June 7. On the BlackBerry KEY2 invite the same textured pattern design was used as the backdrop.

There isn’t much else in the way of details that can be picked up from the teaser video but it does show that the phone will come with another dedicated button of some sort, this one being on the side along with what is likely the power button and the volume buttons. BlackBerry Mobile is also continuing to highlight the slogan for its upcoming phone – ‘An Icon Reborn,’ which still doesn’t elude too much, though it won’t be long before BlackBerry Mobile opens up about what it means with this claim.