August Smart Locks Become Location-Aware

August Home Smart Lock Pro Review AM AH 4

August smart locks have become location-aware thanks to the newest feature update added to the products by August Home, called Auto-Connect. With Auto-Connect owners of the August Smart Lock Pro or the third-generation August Smart Lock can simply leave or arrive home and the August smart lock will know automatically to lock or unlock the door based on your proximity. This makes it much easier to ensure that your home is safe or ready for you to enter as you won’t have to do anything other than walk out the door or walk up to it.

This is of course following the setup of the feature initially, which users will need to do but once configured you shouldn’t have to touch things again, though it won’t hurt to always double check to make sure things are locking and unlocking as intended, and you can always lock or unlock the door manually if you need to. That said, you do still have to open the lock screen in the August app for the connection to happen but you won’t have to tap any buttons as August says this is now automatic.

As mentioned above this new Auto-Connect feature is only compatible with the most recent August Smart Lock and the August Smart Lock Pro, so anyone with an older model of the lock won’t be able to take advantage of it, unfortunately. This latest update to August’s newer smart locks adds to the growing list of features and compatibility updates that the smart home company has been putting out over the past couple of months. Back in March August Home added Google Assistant support to its DoorSense technology, making things a little more hands-free, and back in April it partnered with SimpliSafe to add compatibility to the SimpliSafe alarm systems. If you have an August Smart Lock Pro or third-gen lock, then the Auto-Connect feature should be live.