AT&T Not Selling The LG G7 ThinQ, Exclusive LG Device Coming Instead

LG G7 ThinQ AM AH 14

AT&T will not be selling LG’s latest smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ, according to a new report out of The Verge which credits the information as coming directly from a spokesperson for the carrier. While under normal circumstances this would sound like a major blow to LG considering AT&T is one of the largest carriers in the US, and a lack of carrying its latest device could be interpreted as a lack of support for it, it seems there is a much more fundamental reason as to why the carrier will not be stocking the G7 ThinQ – LG has another phone coming “this summer.

Again, according to the report, an AT&T spokesperson has confirmed that LG plans to launch a new device in the summer. The spokesperson was not noted providing any details on this device although was quick to confirm the upcoming LG device will only be available from AT&T. This exclusivity on an upcoming LG device, along with what the company stating it already offers “a strong lineup of devices from LG” is the reason the carrier has decided to forgo the 2018 flagship G-series phone altogether.

While no details were provided on the upcoming phone from LG, it stands to reason AT&T likely considers the device to be equal to, if not better than the G7 ThinQ. Otherwise there would be little reason for the carrier to not carry both smartphones from LG. Which makes for an interesting situation considering the G7 ThinQ is not only a flagship smartphone, but one that has only just been announced and still not even available to pre-order. On that note, AT&T does seem to be the only major carrier in the US who will not be carrying the G7. With the rest of the carriers having already provided a preliminary confirmation of their G7 availability, with most stating LG’s new phone will become available to pre-order in the closing week of May, or the first week of June. In fact, up until now AT&T was the only major carrier to not release a statement regarding the G7 ThinQ, and now it seems clear why.