Amazon Prime Members Get Additional Savings At Whole Foods

Amazon Whole Foods 01

Amazon Prime members will now start to see additional savings through Whole Foods Market thanks to a new loyalty scheme announced today. Unlike previous Prime-related savings which are typically available online, these savings are designed to benefit Prime members when they actually shop in a Whole Foods store in the US. The announcement confirmed the loyalty program is first going live in Florida (in all stores from today) and will begin to become available through all Whole Foods stores nationwide this summer.

According to the announcement, there are now two main ways in which Prime members can save when visiting Whole Foods. The first comes in the form of blue-tagged items which represent specific sales for Prime members. The second savings come in the form of yellow-tagged items where Prime members save an additional 10-percent of the current price is. In other words, blue items are set reduced prices, while yellow items fluctuate based on the cost of the item in store at the time but come with a 10-percent discount off the price.

To ensure only those eligible get the discounts Prime members will need to have installed the Whole Foods Market Android app on their phone. Once installed and connected to the shopper’s Prime account, members can open the app and have a unique code scanned at the checkout which will then adjust the prices of any of the items featured in the current round of savings. Speaking of which, the announcement explains the savings on offer will vary on a weekly basis. This week (May 16 through to May 22) for example, Whole Foods shoppers in Florida can save $10 on the cost of a pound of “sustainably-sourced, wild-caught halibut,” as well as $2 off a pound of organic strawberries, and more. While Amazon and Whole Foods are positioning this latest member-only discount as an additional benefit to having a Prime membership, including those specific to Whole Foods, it has come through just after Amazon raised the price of its Prime membership in the US by $20. The video below provides a quick run-through of how the new Whole Foods savings work.

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