Amazon Loses Its Vice President Of Alexa

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Amazon’s vice president of Alexa, Jim Freeman, left the company in April. This adds to the recent exodus of executives leaving the company in recent months. There have been more than a dozen executives or senior managers that have left Amazon over the past year. This doesn’t indicate that things are going wrong inside Amazon, but instead shows that Amazon has become a place to poach top talent for other companies. This puts Amazon in the ranks of companies like Google/Alphabet, Apple, Cisco and Microsoft, to name a few.

Freeman told Amazon that he was leaving for Zalando (a German e-commerce company), and many executives begged him to stay on-board, but Freeman ultimately left in April. This is a pretty big departure for Amazon. As Freeman had been with Amazon for nine years, and was in charge of Alexa – which is a pretty big part of Amazon’s growth right now. Before Alexa, Freeman ran Amazon’s Video team, including Amazon Studios, so he had been in charge of portions of Amazon that are pretty important to the company, and his departure is definitely a big blow to the retail giant.

Of course, Freeman’s departure is just the latest in a slew of executives and senior managers leaving the company in the past year. According to a tech investor that CNBC spoke with, this is because these people are looking to take on bigger roles. Something that Amazon isn’t able to give them. And because of this, they are able to draw bigger offers from other companies, with many of them getting millions of dollars in offers from other companies. In fact, Tim Stone, who was VP of Finance at Amazon, left to become Snap’s CFO, and picked up a salary of $20 million. That’s enough to be the 63rd most paid CEO, and the same amount as Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella is being paid. Definitely a big pay raise for Stone, and it’s clear why these people are leaving Amazon. It’s not because of internal turmoil at the company, but because there are better offers out there.