A List of the Best Gaming Smartphones for 2018

Most of us have the mistaken impression that if we buy the most expensive smartphone on the market, we’ll end up with the best smartphone for gaming as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Some smartphones are built specifically for gaming purposes and are designed to provide you with a more thorough and more engaging gaming experience. The beauty of gaming smartphones today is that they are all competing to outdo each other with some of the best features around, so you have a lot more choices as well. Are you looking to take advantage of the perfect gaming smartphone? What makes up the best gaming smartphone, anyway? Is it the size of the screen, the resolution, the storage capacity, the capacity of the battery, or the overall design? Here’s a list of the best gaming smartphones, especially for online mobile games, for 2018.



  • The Razer smartphone



The Razer smart Android phone has all that it takes for you to enjoy a complete gaming experience. The phone is known for its boldness and its big size, with a screen resolution of 1440x2560 and a screen size of 5.7. The refresh rate on the screen is very smooth (think 120Hz) and it’s also equipped with speakers from the Dolby Atmos range. The battery won’t disappoint as it lasts the whole day long, and it charges fast as well. Additionally, the Razer smartphone comes with individual game settings which can certainly keep you busy for days on end. Its OS, which is the Nova Launcher Prime OS, is quite intuitive. The phone has excellent audio, and if you want to know how it feels to listen to 5.1 audio, then this phone is a definite must-buy. Streaming channels like Netflix are also set up automatically, giving you extra convenience. Even if the camera of the Razer smartphone isn’t as perfect as can be, it can still take decent selfies and other photos.



  • The OnePlus 5T



If you’re looking for excellent graphics in a gaming phone, then look no further than the OnePlus 5T. This phone’s operating system is OxygenOS based on Android 7, and it has a screen size of 6 inches. The phone boasts great power at a budget-friendly price, and it comes with equally excellent cameras as well as a sleek and stylish design. When it comes to the cameras, the OnePlus 5T has a front camera with 16MP and a rear camera with 16MP + 20MP.


Even if the phone’s screen doesn’t have the capacity to go greater than 1080p HD, the AMOLED screen more than makes up for it, as the colors are not only bright but exceedingly stark and punchy as well. The phone has a metal finish and a screen which is buttonless, and with its rear which is slightly curved, it’s easier to play vertical games. It’s also one of the remaining phones which still has a headphone jack, allowing you to have a truly immersive experience while gaming. The battery is nothing to complain about, either, as it can last for a day, with a feature called the Dash Charge allowing you to get 60% of your phone’s battery charged in 30 minutes.


  • The Google Pixel 2XL



The Google Pixel 2XL is another excellent phone for gaming, and it definitely gives Apple a run for its money. The phone is 6.2 inches in length, with a width of 3 inches. It runs on the Android 8.0 Oreo and has a screen size of 6 inches. What makes the Google Pixel 2XL even more excellent is its super-fast charge feature and an unlimited storage capacity on the cloud. When it comes to battery charging, you will be happy to know that the Google Pixel 2XL has the capacity to last for as long as 7 hours even if it is only charged for 15 minutes.


What’s more, it uses the latest Android operating system and it has an OLED screen display which makes the simplest games more outstanding. Since the phone also comes with a Snapdragon processor, your games are guaranteed to load in no time. Although the phone doesn’t come with a dedicated jack for headphones, it still comes with its own USB C adapter for 3.5-millimeter headphones, which solves the problem.



  • The Samsung Galaxy S9



The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a crowd favorite, and for good reason. This phone has all the essentials when it comes to battery life, display, and performance, and it also features the best when it comes to features such as speakers which are front-facing, a headphone jack, and a slot for a microSD card. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is waterproof, and it comes with support for wireless phone charging. Gamers will also welcome the phone’s very own advanced Gaming Mode, which can block any notification from your email and social media accounts, and it also comes with integrated features for screen recording.


With the popular Gaming Mode also come the ever-handy Game Tools and Game Launcher, which can really bring your gaming experience to another level with smoother and more seamless play. Game Tools, for instance, has been included in the navigation bar, and it will appear each time you load a game.


  • The Samsung Galaxy S8



If you’re looking for value for money, then the Samsung Galaxy S8 might just be what you need. The phone has an AMOLED display and the display can scale up to a 2960x1440 resolution (QHD+). Based on your location or region, the phone comes with either a Samsung Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and it also has a tough and handy 3000 mAh battery.


With all these smartphones expressly built to up your game to a whole new level, you’re sure to have hours and hours of fun and enjoyment. The beauty about these kinds of innovations is that they are continuous – the industry is ever-changing and ever-evolving, and its dynamic characteristic is guaranteed to present you with even better gaming phones in the years to come.

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