ZenScreen Uses A.I. To Help Users Manage Screen Time


The developers at Zenlabs – not to be confused with ASUS' Zen branding – have now published a cross-platform app called ZenScreen that utilizes A.I. in order to better manage users' screen time. The premise is that the app can use machine learning and research-based best practices as tools to analyze user behavior with their devices. A built-in A.I. takes that analysis and automatically helps to restrict app use, suggest breaks, and more. Obviously, this would make for a great automated way for parents to keep tabs on their children's electronics use. It's even listed in the Google Play Store in the "Parenting" category, but it arguably goes beyond that. Adults and kids alike can set the app up with customizations in how time is managed for each app's category. The enforced restrictions on app-use are also optional, allowing users to have complete control over their usage and there's a dashboard for users to gain further insights.

Other key features include "Calm Night" and "Smart Morning," which enforce certain restrictions that help users get to sleep or accomplish their morning routine without interruption. Granular controls are available for managing the maximum time allowed for "entertainment" applications per day. At the same time, up to seven family member profiles can be added and each can be customized with their own limitations and device settings based on their own personal usage goals. Of course, it's no secret that the underlying problem the app hopes to address is more commonly associated with smartphone use. However, Zenlabs has gone a bit further by ensuring this app works for both smartphones and as a separate Chrome Web App. That way, management can extend beyond just smartphones and screen times can be managed for the more specifically internet-addicted too. 

The apps themselves, meanwhile, are completely free but there is a subscription of $4.99 on a monthly basis. That seems like a pretty good deal for any family with fewer than 7 members or for an individual who finds it particularly hard to pull themselves away from electronics. With that said, it's also free to try for 30 days with all of the A.I.-enhanced features fully unlocked for the duration. Best of all, monitoring data is secured and anonymized, with VPN also being used for data transmissions between the A.I. and devices. Anybody interested in checking it out will want to tap or click the appropriate button below.

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