Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Tablet Coming, Not Soon Though: Analyst

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According to a new rumor that surfaced in China, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is coming, not soon though. According to a China-based analyst, Pan Jiutang, the Mi Pad 4 is currently in the R&D (Research and Development) phase, though that is basically all the info that he shared with the public via Weibo (Chinese social network). Having said that, Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO, Lei Jun, did confirm a while back that the company is developing a new tablet, but he did not mention the Mi Pad 4 by name or anything of the sort.

Xiaomi actually removed its tablet lineup from its official website, and the tablet category along with it a while back, which indicated that the company has no plans to launch a new tablet, but Lei Jun’s statement completely denied those reports. In any case, the Mi Pad 3 is the latest tablet that the company released, and it was announced back in April last year, so it has been a year since its release. The Mi Pad 3 is, as its name says, the company’s third-gen Android-powered tablet, and it seems like its successor is coming, but it will be late to the party, which is not exactly surprising considering that the Mi Pad 2 launched way back in November 2015, so it took the company a year and a half (more or less) to release its successor. If the company plans to stick to its Mi Pad release cycle, however odd it may be, the MI Pad 4 may arrive in the fourth quarter of this year.

At the moment, we do not have any info when it comes to the Mi Pad 4, but it is possible that it will resemble the Mi Pad 3 quite a bit, though the company may opt to ditch capacitive keys in favor of on-screen buttons. The Mi Pad 3 is made out of metal, and its successor will probably sport a metal unibody design as well, though we’re only guessing at this point. Do not expect high-end specs from the Mi Pad 4, as Xiaomi never included bleeding-edge specifications in its tablets, as the company was always trying to release a tablet that people can afford, which makes sense, as high-end tablets may peak the interest of some people, but most people are not willing to spend a lot of cash on a tablet.