Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P Developers Preview Leaks Early


Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2S flagship is already expected to get the Android P Developer Preview by May 8 but the preview firmware has already apparently leaked via the official website. Xiaomi quickly pulled the update software but not before being spotted by FunkyHuawei and reposted by XDA Developers. For those who want to snag the download early, that can be found via the button below. However, it's worth pointing out that there's currently no known way to actually installing the firmware as of this writing. It might even be possible to sideload it in some form or fashion but reported attempts to do so haven't seemed to work so far. Moreover, it may be the case that the update files won't work and the official release version may be released by Google instead of the manufacturer.

As to what's in the update itself, Xiaomi has said that it will come packed with all of the expected features of Android P – as they currently exist in the developer preview. That means it should bring Smart Reply for notification tray messages, in addition to images showing more clearly in the same U.I. element. Depending on whether the OEM chooses to use a variant of MIUI for the test or AOSP, it could also bring a wealth of other enhancements. Some of the bigger changes that may be included are adjustments to the settings U.I. and battery management settings, a screenshot option in the power menu, built-in screenshot editing, new animations and styling for messages, and text selection zoom. It goes without saying that it should also include the Android P Easter Egg, bearing its colorful "P" which may or may not stand for pineapple. Of course, Xiaomi may choose to use its own variation of Android P so any of those expected changes could look quite a bit different on its flagship device.

In the meantime, it's important to point out that this will effectively be beta firmware even after its more official release. So users who don't have quite a bit of experience with technology and with using software that's likely to be buggy should probably hold off until Android P launches via more mainstream channels. That won't necessarily be too long of a wait, either. This handset is slated to be the very first device to receive the preview that isn't made by Google. If Xiaomi keeps its momentum, it could be one of the first devices to see Android P when it launches, as well. In the meantime, Google I/O is just around the corner and an official release of Android P slated for sometime in the second half of the year.

Download Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P Preview from XDA Developers

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