Wrinkl Smooths Out Issues With Other Collaborative Chat Apps


Wrinkl, Inc.'s collaborative chat app, Wrinkl, is a new take on actionable group messaging for the workplace which looks to solve inherent issues with its competition. More directly, it aims to make the digital workspace more efficient by reducing clutter and providing a more intuitive user interface that makes every relevant form of communication and sharing easier to accomplish. To that end, the app has several key features that really set it apart. Not least of all, an entire workgroup can communicate both as a whole and via private messages without the need multiple chats to be open. Separate parts of the larger group are accessed via a sidebar on the main group board, keeping everything in one place. Multiple channels can be set up to move different conversations into different threads if needed, for more traditional chats or multiple groups.

Setting aside that base feature, there are a few other advantages as well. Chats are viewable in two separate modes called At-a-Glance and Channels. The latter view is closer to a traditional perspective, whereas the former acts as a place to see an overview mentions, attachments, and links that have both been sent and received. Beyond that, channels allow for lists and surveys to enable fast oversight of tasks that need to be accomplished or other items the group is tracking. Survey results are represented in clean-looking graphs which make them easier to view without needing to read the underlying numbers – although those are shown too. Meanwhile, emailing capabilities are built-in too, so there's no need to exit the app just to shoot a co-worker or boss a quick message. Responses to those are sent privately to the sender or can be shared with the group on an optional basis. Last but not least, chat sign in is protected via separation into "networks" for easy management of access.

Wrinkl is relatively new to the scene and offers plenty of incentives for use, such as file attachment. Moreover, the developers do seem to be putting a fair amount of effort into the app, with the most recent update on April 9 bringing bug fixes and formatting enhancements. So, there's also a chance that Android users will see even more great features as development continues. The app itself is free to use and works with Android 4.0 and newer. Anybody interested can check it out for themselves via the button below.


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