Verizon's ENVRMNT Creates Web-Based AR Dev Tool

Verizon Envrmnt 1

Major carrier Verizon’s ENVRMNT “extended reality” arm has created a web-based development tool called AR Designer that’s aimed at creators with little technical skill. AR Designer itself is driven by a simple and intuitive point and click interface, and its underlying delivery platform and SDK make it easy to use with just about any app development setup. The easy to use tool is currently available in a limited run, with only close partners able to use it for now. AR Designer is set to debut at Las Vegas’ content-centric NAB show, which goes from April 9 to April 12. From there, it will be publicly available.

AR Designer is made with non-technical experience designers in mind, and as such, has an easy-to-use interface. Any object that’s able to be imported as a 3D model can be overlaid into an AR experience and assigned behaviors and interactivity with a drag and drop interface that requires no coding. Getting the finished experience into a usable app or product is another story, but there are tools on board to make that a bit easier. Thanks to the modular SDK, AR experiences made with the tool can be inserted easily into just about any app. As a bonus, users can discover AR Designer content, along with other content related to Envrmnt, on Verizon’s Oath, and stream said content using Verizon’s network and streaming technologies.

While ENVRMNT has not gotten a ton of publicity from Verizon in the past, this mainstream tool and its ties to Oath may change that. The extended reality specialist house was previously responsible for a VR football game that was shown at Super Bowl LI and a creation suite that let ad makers turn normal billboards and paper ads into AR experiences, among other ventures. Looking to the future, the firm is set to help build out Verizon’s FIOS [email protected] social viewing app, and is working on a new tool called World Creator that will do for virtual reality what the new AR Creator is set to do for augmented reality. All of this will be tightly integrated with Verizon’s technologies and distribution platforms, making it easy for creators to get their works out to the world at large and for users to find and experience those creations.