TV Games Cast Brings Chromecast-Ready Games To Android


Finding games that work well with Chromecast can be a real chore but there's a new app called TV Games Cast which now makes playing games streamed to the TV much easier. Developed by studio Mautilus, the app comes with ten different games which are all optimized to work with Chromecast. In fact, aside from the three usual Chromecast devices, it also works with Android TV and TVs with built-in casting capabilities. Players take control of the games using a virtual controller on their smartphones that can be toggled between either a D-pad or analog stick configuration. Each game utilizes that directional input, either alone or in combination with a single "A" button.

That means the games themselves are fairly simple and nobody should expect to see anything as complex as modern console titles. However, they also actually get swapped out relatively frequently – with one new game arriving every month – and each works well with mobile controls. As of this writing, the ten games in question are Flying Fish, 2048 Maniac, Tacks, Urban Ninja, Lunar Lander, Store Keeper, K-141 Kursk, The Berlin Wall, and Wal Venture. Some of those are pretty self-explanatory, such as Flying Fish. That's a flappy bird clone, while 2048 Maniac is the classic block-sliding puzzle game and Lunar Lander is all about landing a spacecraft safely with limited resources. Tacks, meanwhile, is a stacking game where players try to reach the highest level they can manage without toppling things. Urban Ninja is an endless rooftop runner and action platformer, on the other hand. Store Keeper is a space management puzzler which has a warehouse worker pushing boxes around. Wal Venture will see players taking on the role of a walrus and crossing the environment on appearing and disappearing platforms to get to the other side. Finally, K-141 Kursk is a Galaga clone and The Berlin Wall is basically Brick Breaker.

None of those titles are necessarily anything spectacular but each is a lot of fun to play in short bursts. In any case, it's hard to argue with shelling out $2 for smoothly optimized arcade classics that work with Chromecast. It's even harder to argue with that when the games will be swapped out regularly. So, anybody interested should head over to the Google Play Store banner below to check out the TV Games Cast app for themselves.


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