TRANSFORMERS: Forged To Fight Gets New Video & Stats Reveal


The developers behind the hit Android title TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight have unveiled a brand new anniversary trailer and some game stats to thank fans who have been playing since launch. For those who may not recall, Kabam unleashed its RPG action title just a year ago, allowing players take control of a huge array of the series' fan-favorite Decepticons and Autobots. Gameplay centers on RPG elements, character collection, and combat. The title has grown steadily since then, in terms of new fans and new bots added every month. In fact, it has been played by over 20 million users, as of this writing and features more than 39 bots in total. The new trailer, which has been included below, celebrates that progress and walks viewers through some of the highlights of that first year.

Aside from what's been shown in the video, Kabam also revealed a healthy dose of statistics which highlight the figures for the title and show off some of the players' favorite characters. For starters, over 710 million in-game fights have been completed, across more than 31 million hours of gameplay. That includes the formation of over 88,000 Alliances. The top four most used bots from each star-rating category fall under the Autobot side things with Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime (CIN) taking the top spot for both 1 and 2-star bots, respectively. Ironhide is favored as both a 3-star and a 4-star rated character. However, that doesn't hold true with regard to which bots are used most often. More than 162 million fights have been completed with Optimus Prime since the title saw its beta release at the end of 2016. But Ironhide is nowhere to be seen in this top four.

The next three spots are taken by Bumblebee (CIN), Megatron (CIN), and Starscream with over 44 million fights, 8 million fights, and 2 million fights, respectively. Those figures and the trailer represent a substantial amount of action and provide quite a bit of insight into how far this game has come. It also doesn't show any signs of slowing down at this point and the app is free to download. So there's never been a better time to try it out for those who haven't given it a shot yet.


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