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There's a new app in the Google Play Store from Neelam Bhanushali which allows timestamps to be added to photos automatically or manually on Android devices. The aptly named Timestamp Camera Photos works with any Android device running Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or newer. It also works directly with a devices' built-in camera instead of requiring the installation of yet another piece of camera software. That means that it functions without the risk of losing photo quality, which can sometimes be the case with third-party camera apps – which aren't necessarily optimized properly for every smartphone's hardware.

With regard to the app's features, it works pretty much as advertised. An option is available in the form of a settings toggle to automatically have the timestamp of the user's choosing added to photos in real-time. Custom date and time formats can be added to the app via settings as well since there's still some regional discrepancy about what the proper ordering of things is. Multiple fonts are available to choose from, ranging in style from the more formal to more casual styles. Colors, position, sizes, and more can be tweaked to suit the user's liking, as well. Looking past the automated features included, users can also timestamp photos from the Gallery, too. That can be done one image at a time or in bulk and they can be saved separately from the original photos if that's what the user wants. The availability of 12 language options, meanwhile, means that nobody needs to be left out based on their region.

The app itself isn't free but is just about as close as any application in the "paid" category can get at just under $1. However, it's worth pointing out that its dependence on interaction a given device's camera software may cause problems later. It's been suggested that the next iteration of Android OS, tentatively Android Pie, will restrict Play Store applications from accessing that to a degree. So this app's developers may end up needing to appeal to the search giant to have continued access or find another workaround. In the meantime, a dollar isn't much to spend to gain the ability to put nice-looking customizable timestamps on photos users want to remember later on. So, anybody interested can hit the Google Play Store button below to check it out for themselves.


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