This HTC U12 Concept Comes With A Glass Back Panel: Video

HTC U12 concept 1

The HTC U12 is the company’s upcoming flagship which is expected to arrive in H1 2018 (though it may be called the HTC U12 Plus), and as we’re waiting for that to become a reality, Concept Creator has released a new smartphone concept design on its YouTube page, and this time around, the HTC U12 is the device in question. The source claims that this device’s design is inspired by leaks of the phone, though we did not see that many leaks of the HTC U12 thus far, even though leaked material will probably start popping up in the coming weeks, as the HTC U11 arrived back in May last year, so its successor will probably come in knocking soon as well.

In any case, if you check out the embedded video down below, you will be able to see a concept design of the HTC U12. As you can see, this device is made out of metal and glass, just like the HTC U11, but it sports a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, like the HTC U11 Plus. The phone’s power / lock key is located on the right, right below the phone’s volume up and volume down buttons, and it has a pattern on it, so that it’s easy to spot. A SIM card slot is included on the top of the device, while you will notice a dual-camera setup on the phone’s back side, right above the device’s LED flash. Those two cameras are horizontally-aligned, and no info regarding what sensors are included has been provided by the source, which is not exactly surprising considering this is just a concept handset. HTC’s branding sits on the back of the device, while speaker grills are included on the bottom, along with a Type-C USB port.

On the front side of the device, you will notice two cameras, which sit right next to the phone’s earpiece. This handset features really thin side bezels, while its bezels above and below the display are not that thick, but they’re not exactly razor thin either. The source showed off two color variants of the device in the provided video, one has a Black back, while the other comes with a Red back, burgundy red, though both back sides are quite reflective.