T-Mobile Tuesdays Offers $4 Deadpool 2 Tickets May 15


T-Mobile customers have showed overwhelming appreciation for movie ticket deals in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and a new one will be available on May 15 that will get customers in to see Deadpool 2 on its May 18 release day for only $4. To celebrate the new movie, customers can also enter to win a themed trip to New York City, via Twitter and the app in tomorrow's prize pack. Other prizes for the day will likely follow the normal format for T-Mobile Tuesdays with things like Vudu rentals and Lyft discounts, but what exact prizes will be accompanying the Deadpool prize packs has yet to be announced.

The trip in question will be offered as a chance prize in the prize pack for Tuesday, April 24, rather than accompanying the movie ticket. Thanks to a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox, the studio behind the new film, T-Mobile is able to offer one lucky customer and a guest a three night stay in a luxurious NYC hotel, along with a showing of Deadpool 2 before it hits theaters. The kicker, somewhat literally, is that you will spend some of your trip studying at one of the city's oldest dojos. Your sensei will be a genuine master, and will be training you mainly in the way of the sword, as seen in the movie. You'll even get to put your skills to the test in a choreographed fight scene inspired by the movie, wherein you'll fight off ninjas with your sweet new swashbuckling moves. While you won't learn how to jump between moving cars or any of the other crazy stunts that Deadpool does in the movies, it's safe to say that if you pick up a sword after attending this class, you probably won't treat it like a baseball bat.

T-Mobile Tuesdays is no stranger to grandeur in its larger prize packs, with the company having hooked customers up with luxury trips a few times in the past. Movie ticket deals and even giveaways are somewhat commonplace in the app thanks to a partnership with Atom Tickets, and even the superhero focus has sort of been done before, but with supervillains doing questionably heroic things; when 2016's Suicide Squad movie came out, T-Mobile customers were treated to free tickets through the app.

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