Simultaneous Uploads To Instagram's Stories Is Now Possible


According to an announcement from Instagram, its application has now been updated to allow multiple photos and videos to Stories simultaneously. That will make it possible to preview an entire story all at once or to take advantage of a momentarily strengthened connection to get through the day's uploads. More importantly, it will accelerate the process of sharing one of life's moments by removing additional taps and the wait for files to upload one at a time. Beyond that, the company has used the opportunity presented by the update to include a new way to add location stickers to photos and videos being uploaded to a story.

Using the new tool is relatively easy once the app has been updated. Users simply need to tap the new icon at the top-right corner of the screen in the application while in the upload section of the app. Up to ten photos or videos can be selected at a time on the proceeding screen. Once in the edit mode, there will be a preview of all selected media lined up in a carousel along the bottom and each can be edited individually to add stickers, text, or other creative enhancements. The same creative tools available to the prior, single-upload method will still be available. At the same time, for location stickers, the app will now automatically suggest locales from near where the media was captured in order to speed things along further and assist users who may not remember exactly where the story took place. It's worth pointing out though, that once the new Stories post is finalized, it will appear in the stream in the same order in which the media was selected.

It's important to remember that, as with all app updates, that could take some time. Rollouts can be as quick as a day or two but can also take weeks to hit every device with a given app installed, so nobody should be too concerned if it hasn't hit them just yet. In the meantime, the new feature should be helpful in saving users of the platform quite a bit of time with uploads. So anybody who wants to check for the update manually will want to head over to the Google Play Store button below.


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