SimpliSafe Systems To Integrate With August Smart Locks

Simplisafe August

SimpliSafe systems are preparing to integrate with August smart locks as part of a recently announced partnership between the two companies, aimed at making the home even safer and giving consumers with these products more peace of mind. More to the point, it adds a seamless and much more convenient factor to the action of safeguarding the home, and with the action being more convenient it’s also a quicker process as there will be less steps to contend with.

Specifically, the integration makes it possible to automate the locking of August Home’s Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro. This happens when you arm the SimpliSafe security system, so you won’t be required to actually lock up your home because SimpliSafe will basically do it for you. Disarming the system will work in a similar way though it will be intended for unlocking the August Smart Lock or Smart Lock Pro when you arrive back home.

According to SimpliSafe, the security systems can be disarmed either through the companion app, the key fob, or via the keypad on the system itself, providing a range of options on how to conveniently and quickly disarm the system when desired. This lets each owner interact with the system in according to their personal preferences. The disarming feature is also a new feature from the mobile app which makes it easy to disarm the security system and auto-unlock the door remotely if you need to do so while you’re away. All that said, the feature is not yet technically available. SimpliSafe will be launching it for all customers in May, but those that wish to have the integration will need to be subscribed to SimpliSafe’s interactive professional alarm monitoring plan. In addition to this plan subscription, consumers will also need the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, which some are already likely to have.