Pre-Pay For Two Months Of DIRECTV NOW, Get An Amazon Fire TV

DIRECTV NOW Amazon Fire TV Deal AH

DIRECTV NOW has brought back a pretty popular promotion. Where you can pay for two months of the service and get an Amazon Fire TV on them. Two months of DIRECTV NOW would cost you around $70, which is the same price as an Amazon Fire TV. So you would essentially be getting the Amazon Fire TV for free or two months of DIRECTV NOW for free. And if you’ve been looking to check out DIRECTV NOW, this is a great way to do just that. As you’ll be able to get an extended trial of the service, to see if it’s really for you.

The NBA Playoffs are currently going on, and you can watch every single game on DIRECTV NOW. The service offers all of ESPN’s channels, and also has ABC available – which is where the NBA Finals will take place in June. So whether your favorite team is in the playoffs, or you just want to check out the playoffs, you can do so with DIRECTV NOW. Of course, there are plenty of other channels available on DIRECTV NOW, including your locals. The service has at least two out of the four major networks in all of the markets it operates in. Some markets do have all four – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. But there’s also CNN, CNBC, TNT, TBS, Disney, HGTV, BET, TLC, USA Network and many more.

DIRECTV NOW does offer four different packages, with the cheapest costing $35 per month. This package will get you around 60 channels. And if you want the full package, that’ll cost you $70 per month for over 120 channels. Now DIRECTV NOW does offer the ability to add premium channels like HBO, which is actually $5. That is cheaper than its competitors, who offer HBO for $10 or more per month. DIRECTV NOW has a ton of content, as well as plenty of on-demand content to peruse and watch. It does not yet have DVR, but that is a feature that is coming rather soon. You can sign up for DIRECTV NOW using the link below, remember you need to be a new customer. This is not available for current customers.