Photo Studio AR Adds Virtual Models & Props To A Photo Shoot


A new app published to the Google Play Store, called Photo Studio AR, allows users to bring in virtual models and props for a photo shoot. As its name implies, the app – developed by Superba AR studio helmed by renowned Hollywood effects man Raffael Dickreuter – centers around adding those things via augmented reality. It's billed as a way to "create photoshoots" at anytime, anywhere. In this case, that means that users will be able to add in virtual representations of models, props, or entire sets – down to the lighting equipment and background environment. Those are placed over the real world so that any location that seems like it would serve as a good backdrop for a photo shoot can be used at a moment's notice without having to call in models or a crew. All users need is an Android smartphone or tablet.

There are, of course, some obvious drawbacks to that process. Without any knowledge of lighting or paying attention to proportions, the resulting images won't necessarily look realistic. However, those things can be tweaked in the app itself. For example, users can virtually play with the positioning of lighting, as well as the sun. Weather effects can be added and other photographic corrections can be made on the spot. Those will alter the brightness of the shot, as it pertains to the models and props, in addition to creating shadows and atmosphere for the photo shoot. Those tools still do not equate to a perfect shot, though. In fact, for the time being, it may be best to view this app as a way to test out a given location on the fly before hiring a real model or setting up a more traditional photo shoot.

In the meantime, Photo Studio AR isn't free either. The app currently costs $9.99 to start with and further models or outfits for models cost $1 per item via in-app purchase. For now, that may seem a bit steep but the app itself does do a good job setting itself apart from other apps on the Play Store and it will likely only improve over time.


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