OxygenOS Updates Open Beta Firmware For OnePlus 3 & 3T


OnePlus has officially announced the release of updates to its Open Beta Program for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, bringing changes to the security patch level and several other aspects of the devices. For clarity, this means that the current beta software for the OnePlus 3 will now be at version 34, while the 3T will be brought to version 25. With regard to the changelog, this is not the biggest update to be released to Beta users. There are, however, several key updates included for both and the primary change is to the Android Security Patch. After installation, that should be brought up-to-date and set to April 2018. That means that all of the latest patches should be in place, providing users with the most secure Android experience possible.

Looking past that, OnePlus also points to changes in some of the system's U.I. and the inclusion of changes to the Card Package software. The OnePlus Clock has been updated with new U.I. tweaks, the most notable being changes to the alarm's background color. The Stopwatch interface has also undergone some unspecified changes. Meanwhile, users can also add their own cards to Card Package now. The new membership card, found on the Card Shelf, basically allows membership or subscription cards to be added via QR Code or barcode.

It bears repeating at this point that this is beta firmware and requires extra steps to get setup – which are explained via the source link below. That also means that it isn't necessarily going to be completely stable since it is intended for testing purposes first and foremost. Those who do get involved in the program are taking responsibility for the risks associated with that higher likeliness of instability. Once on that channel, there's also no way to get stable updates until a user has returned to the stable channel and flashing either will result in a complete device wipe. However, once on the channel, beta firmware should install over the air (OTA) just as any normal phone updates would. Having said that, it's good to see that OnePlus continues to release updates to its older devices. The OnePlus 3 launched back in June of 2016, while the OnePlus 3T released in November of the same year.

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