OtterBox Reveals Avengers-Inspired Galaxy S9 Cases


OtterBox has partnered with Disney's Marvel to release a series of Avengers-inspired cases just in time for the launch of the associated upcoming film, Avengers: Infinity War – set to open on April 27. Although the cases appear to be primarily for Apple devices, that does include two new case designs for Samsung's Galaxy S9 and one for the Galaxy S9 Plus. The team-up probably isn't too surprising since the rugged protective cases tie in well with the strengths of the superheroes found in Marvel's cinematic universe. Of those cases, the design meant for either the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus – namely, the "Assemble!" design – is built around the OtterBox Symmetry Series and costs $44.95 or $54.95, respectively. Meanwhile, the S9-specific "Vibranium" design is built on the even more durable Defender Series platform and costs $59.95.

As fans of the series may have guessed, "Assemble!" centers around gathering the main heroes from the Marvel Universe onto a single smartphone case. Iron Man and Thanos are front and center but fan-favorites such as members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Dr. Strange are featured prominently as well. The case itself, as mentioned above, is a Symmetry Series. That means it's much slimmer and form-fitting than other OtterBox offerings while still providing an above-average level of device protection. On the other hand, the much more rugged-looking Defender Series case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is based on Captain America. Vibranium is the material used to craft the Captain's trademark shield, so the name makes sense since the case itself bears the same design as that heroic item. Moreover, it makes sense on one of OtterBox's most sturdy cases since that shield is all but indestructible, under most circumstances, in comic book lore

There's no mention of how long these cases will be available for but, as of this writing, the Vibranium Defender case is the only one that's technically available. The other designs will currently only allow visitors to the site to sign up for notifications when they become available. Having said that, there's a chance these cases are going to sell like crazy and may even run short on supply. So anybody interested in picking one up will probably want to head over to the site via the button below

Buy A New Marvel Avengers Otterbox Case

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