Netmarble Opens Pre-Registrations For Android MMO Iron Throne


Netmarble and 4Plat have a new MMO in the works for Android; called Iron Throne, the game is now open for pre-registrations. As an MMO, this will obviously feature prominent modes for battling against other players and those battles are expected to take place on a global scale. While there's not much information about that just yet, it is known that a Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch mode will be mainstay elements in the game. There will also be plenty of RPG elements requiring the use of strategy, in combination with leveling up and equipping the player's character. They'll also need to build up castles and armies, taking the fight to opponents. All of that will be conveyed to the player via enhanced full-3D graphics.

Beyond the online aspects, in the meantime, Iron Throne features a storyline mode called Town Mode. The storyline should be familiar to anybody who's into high-fantasy and bears a striking resemblance to a certain popular TV show. However, the depth to that mode sounds as though it will be enough to truly set Iron Throne apart. Players start out as a lowly lord and are tasked with taking the throne for themselves. That's accomplished through a series of RPG-style quests which are said to have a gameplay fitting for the genre. At the center of that is what the developers call a "colorful gaming experience" and a plot twist-ridden overarching story.

There's no word yet about whether this will be a free-to-play title. Judging by the pre-registration unlock perks there's a good chance it will be and that in-app purchases will be present. Currently, pre-registrations have hit 43-percent of the overall goal, resulting in one of three prizes being unlocked. That's 1,000 in-game gold which the site says is valued at more than $100. A piece of armor called the Dimensional Conqueror Helm is up next on that list, followed by a Greatsword of the same title. The game is set to launch in May, as of this writing, and Netmarble says more information will be revealed as the release gets closer. In the meantime, anybody interested in signing up for the game can find the pre-registration form via the button below.

Pre-Register For Iron Throne

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