Mount Genie Launches New Smart Speaker Outlet Mounts

Mount Genie 2nd Generation Echo Dot Mounts Title Image

Mount Genie has now launched two new outlet mounts designed to save space when placing one of Amazon’s second-generation Echo Dot devices. Designed to keep the Amazon Echo Dot off of the tabletop and out of the way, they each serve a different purpose. Specifically, one is designed for use in a home or other location where theft isn’t likely to be a problem. The other is engineered to suit business needs and makes theft of the Echo Dot a more difficult prospect for potential thieves. In either case, both are sold for under $15, so it may be difficult to justify not picking one up for those who happen to own an Amazon Echo Dot.

The more home-friendly Affordable Essentials Outlet Wall Mount is effectively a holster that plugs directly into an outlet. It comes with a custom-made short cable to keep the whole look clean and the whole package only adds a few millimeters of overall size to the device. A specially designed compression-based holster keeps the Dot snugly held on the wall next to the socket, with adjustments available to ensure it works with any socket configuration. Meanwhile, all of the speakers and mics are kept clear by design, so the Echo Dot will continue functioning as intended. That’s all for only $7.99 and two-packs are available as well, so it shouldn’t be too difficult or pricey to keep all of a home’s Echo Dots mounted. On the other side of things, the Lock Mount for Businesses is a similar design but centers around the faceplate of the socket itself. Instead of plugging directly in, the mount is built into the faceplate and tabs keep the Echo Dot locked in place. The idea is to make it difficult to steal the Echo Dot from the mount, allowing businesses and other establishments to incorporate the Alexa-enabled speakers without that being so much of a concern. The more secure device currently costs $14.99, at launch.

Of course, these aren’t the only mounts available to those who happen to own a smart home speaker. The company also has the same two mounts for Google’s Home Mini. Beyond that, previous mounts have been created for various other installation methods, including flush wall mounts for embedding either of the two devices seamlessly into a wall. Each of those other products appears to be as well built as the new space-saving solution. So even if an outlet mount just doesn’t fit the bill, the company’s other products, available via a link on the product pages below are well worth a look. 

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