Exclusive: LG V35 ThinQ Coming With 6-Inch Display, Dual 16MP Rear Cameras & More

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Introducing the LG V35 ThinQ

There has been a lot of speculation of late surrounding what smartphones LG will announce in 2018 and what they will be branded as. For example, during MWC an LG G7 was reportedly shown off along with another mysterious phone referred to as the LG V35. Many expected this to be the follow-up to the V30, although a V35 was then announced in Japan as a variant of the LG V30. After already revealing an official render of the LG G7 ThinQ, as well as providing comprehensive details on the LG G7 features, AndroidHeadlines can now confirm the next addition to the company’s V-line of smartphones will be the LG V35 ThinQ.

This information has been provided by a reliable source and verified by seen LG in-house documentation. In addition to confirming the name of the smartphone, AndroidHeadlines can now also exclusively reveal some of the details and specs on offer with the LG V35 ThinQ smartphone.



Compared to the LG V30S ThinQ, not too much is changing in the display department as the LG V35 ThinQ will feature a 6-inch QHD+ OLED display. When LG introduced the V30 line, it did so with a slight change to the display due to the inclusion of a plastic OLED (POLED) panel. However, the documents seen by AndroidHeadlines do not specifically reference the use of POLED. In either case, this will once again be a “FullVision” display through the inclusion of an 18:9 aspect ratio along with an 80-percent screen-to-body ratio – and unlike the G7, the documents do not suggest a notch will be offered with the V35.



The LG G6 was launched in early 2017 along with a marketing line that suggested it was designed for one-handed use in spite of the larger display. LG will continue this marketing approach with the V35 by highlighting the display’s extraordinary color reproduction, as well as an edge-to-edge design crafted to “fit in the palm of your hand.” LG will also draw on the lightweight nature of the phone to promote how it offers an immersive experience wrapped within a light and slim form factor. At launch, the V35 ThinQ will be available in two color options, Black and Grey, with both options adopting the same “premium glossy finish.”


The LG V35 ThinQ will once again feature a dual rear camera setup. Compared to the V30S ThinQ, the V35 will include an upgraded setup in the form of two 16-megapixel rear cameras. As far as AndroidHeadlines is concerned, this is going to be exactly the same rear camera setup offered with the G7 ThinQ. For example, the rear camera setup will include one 16-megapixel ‘standard’ camera with a glass lens, f/1.6 aperture and 10-bit HDR compatibility – for greater color capturing. The second rear camera will use a 16-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle lens with a 107-degree field-of-view.


As this is the same setup, it also offers largely the same features and benefits, including a quick and easy ability to switch between the two rear cameras, “AI Cam,” and Google Lens support at launch. As well as drawing on the use of a Super Bright Mode and “superpixels” to ensure captured images are bright, even when encountering extreme low-light conditions. Super Bright Mode is automatically activated on both the G7 and V35 and therefore is not something the user will have to be concerned with. As the cameras have the ability to assess the surroundings and adjust accordingly to the environment. This is in addition to a greater reliance on recommendations with the software capable of identifying what tweaks would add to a photo and suggest those tweaks to the user. Some of these features were announced along with the V30S ThinQ and the V35 ThinQ hence represents a direct improvement on those functionalities.


Just like the G7, LG will be positioning the V35 ThinQ as a super-smart device. This is largely a result of artificial intelligence (AI) which stretches out to numerous sub-areas of the phone. The camera brightness feature (as well as AI Cam and Google Lens) being an example of this. Just like the G7, LG will highly focus on the AI benefits of the V35 and how it can not only do more for the user, but do more while requiring the user to do less at the same time. LG will specifically highlight how the V35 allows the user to “do you” better than ever before. Whether that is in terms of the general voice assistant features, the camera, or any other department.



Audio has always been a big deal with the V-series due to this line’s inclusion of a Quad DAC. For example, the V30 line boasted a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and this is exactly what will be provided with the V35 ThinQ: a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC utilizing an ESS Sabre 9228. Along with additional customization options and digital filters to fine-tune the sound to be more in line with the user’s preferences. As an extension of the audio properties, and in line with the G7, LG is making use of far-field voice recognition with the V35. This is designed to facilitate the general voice assistant capabilities by equipping the smartphone with the ability to hear owners from a greater distance than ever before – up to seventeen feet (5.18 meters) away.



AndroidHeadlines can confirm that in addition to the G7 ThinQ, LG will be updating its V series in 2018 with the LG V35 ThinQ. This smartphone will come with a number of features common to the G7, including dual 16-megapixel rear cameras. AI will be central to the V35 ThinQ experience and will filter through to most aspects of the phone, although it will be best seen in the camera department. The LG V35 ThinQ will feature a 6-inch QHD+ OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and — most probably — no notch.