LG Intros Global Software Upgrade Center For Faster Updates

LG V30s ThinQ AH NS 05 logo

It seems like LG aims to provide faster software updates for its smartphones, as the company has just announced that it opened the doors to a new Software Upgrade Center in its homeland, South Korea. This is the first facility of such kind, and LG claims that its goal is to provide its consumers with “faster, timelier, smartphone operating system and software updates”. This new facility has been opened in LG’s new research and development (R&D) campus, which is located in Magok-dong, western Soul.

Now, in its press release, LG mentions that the goal of this facility will not only be to provide timely updates for the company’s smartphone, but also to test user experience on said software, and to ensure that those updates are stable and good enough to be rolled out to consumers. LG is hoping that this will amend its issues with software updates, as that is one of the main objections the company’s users had in recent years, as it takes the company quite a while to update its smartphones. This is not that surprising though, considering that the company has to deal with its own UI, which is laid on top of Android, and that definitely slows down the whole process, as is the case with other OEMs which have heavily-customized skins applied on top of Google’s operating system.

In the press release. LG says that one of the first initiatives of this new facility is to roll out Android Oreo to the LG G6 units later this month. This update will first hit the LG G6 units in South Korea, while the update will reach other markets soon after. “Stable and consistent upgrades will demonstrate to our customers that LG smartphones have long and reliable lifespans”, said LG’s CEO, Jo Seong-jin. That is more or less all the info that LG decided to share with the public thus far, but if everything goes according to plan, LG’s smartphone should receive updates noticeably faster from this point on, though it remains to be seen if the new facility will be able to deliver. Having said that, LG is expected to launch a new flagship phone in the near future, on May 2, the LG G7 ThinQ, and if you’re interested in it, check out our latest, exclusive coverage.