Koolnee K3 Will Be An Affordable Smartphone With Premium Features

Koolnee has today confirmed it plans to release a new smartphone called the Koolnee K3. Koolnee refers to this devices as a “budget flagship” and this does seem to best sum up the company’s intentions with this new smartphone. As in spite of coming with a budget price attached Koolnee wants the K3 to be loaded with a number of features and design points more often associated with flagship level -- and by association, more expensive -- smartphones.

For example, although the full details on the K3 have yet to be announced, Koolnee has detailed three of the phone’s major features and selling points. The first of which is the inclusion of an 18:9 aspect ratio resulting in a taller and slimmer front panel along with a Full HD+ resolution. The second feature is more advanced and modern security protection through the use of facial recognition software, while the third is the inclusion of advanced charging features, such as wireless charging. These are all features typically found on flagship smartphones although not all flagship smartphones boast all three features. Which literally represents the overall selling point with the K3 as Koolnee specifically wants potential buyers to understand they do not have to pay top prices for premium features. In addition to confirming these features, the company has also now released a teaser image of the K3, shown above.

Koolnee is a fairly new company compared to other smartphone manufacturers although since its inception it has looked to differentiate itself by focusing on design as well as affordability. The K1 and K1 Trio smartphones are prime examples of this and the video below looks to showcase many of the design and features points on offer with the K1 and K1 Trio. Both of which are already available to buy. As for the new K3, there are no firm details yet on the exact price or when it will become available. Although it is understood pre-orders are expected to start sooner rather than later. In the meantime those interested in staying up to date on the Koolnee K3 can do so by staying tuned to the company’s website.

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