Kimera Systems Aims To Redefine AI With Tell-All Webinar


Kimera Systems, the creator of the world's first functional artificial general intelligence, is going to be sharing its special quantum-based method with the world in excruciating detail on May 3. Kimera started off not by following the crowd and trying to optimize neuroscience-based approaches to make AI mimic the human brain, but instead worked backward from a new definition of intelligence that it determined from quantum mechanics theory. This yielded a new breed of AI that was incredibly versatile, allowing the company to create the first functional, consumer-facing AGI program, Nigel AGI. The fruits of those labors are available on the Play Store right now, but those who want to dive in and see how it's all done from the ground up will have to wait for the webinar.

The first thing the webinar will cover is Kimera's unique quantum approach to the definition of intelligence, the foundation of its AGI work that eventually resulted in the creation of Nigel and the AGI framework behind it. From there, the webinar will go over the architecture of the Nigel AGI specifically, showing how AGI can be crafted to learn and grow over time, but cannot be created with a specific problem in mind like contemporary AI programs. After that, the webinar will cover subnet modeling, Kimera's unique approach to AGI's growth and training that, theoretically, could allow for an AI that grows infinitely, under the right circumstances. After that, two algorithms used with Kimera's AGI framework will be presented; a machine learning algorithm based on cause and effect, and a more complex algorithm that encourages the AGI program to come to its own conclusions, then test those hypotheses and refer back to that data in synthesizing new ideas, understanding, and concepts on its own.

For those not in the know, Kimera Systems created and introduced the Nigel AGI last year, and it became a relative success in a short time. It didn't take Nigel long to gather enough users to begin learning what it should do and when in a more general sense, and once that happened, it started acting, for most users, according to privileges it had been granted and things it had seen the user doing before. Nigel was the world's first AGI, and the aim of Thursday's webinar is that it won't be the last. If you would like to register for the webinar, click the button below.


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