IKEA Enters Into Home Audio With ENEBY Bluetooth Speakers


IKEA has entered into the home audio market with its new line of ENEBY Bluetooth speakers, aimed at filling your home with sound to the tune of your favorite tracks, or simply for any other type of audio you may want to stream through them. Like most of if not all of IKEA's products the ENEBY speakers have the touch of modern design to them, and like most of IKEA's products they'll be priced competitively to be more affordable than some other similar items from different brands. That said you're still going to pay a little bit for either speaker. There are two models to currently choose from each one coming in two different colors.

Both speakers also look pretty much the same, save for the size, and the smaller speaker comes with a handle to make it a little bit more portable. You will need a battery pack though if you plan to carry this speaker around as initially it's intended to be plugged in just like the larger version.

As for sizes and cost, as well as color options, as mentioned above both the larger and smaller speakers will come in two colors which are Black or White for the actual speaker box, while the cover is made up of different colored polyester for a soft fabric look and feel. The sizes available will be 8 x 8 or 12 x 12, with the smaller speaker costing $49 and the larger speaker costing $89. Should you be opting for the smaller speaker so you can bring it with you, keep in mind that you'll also need to pick up the $20 battery pack which will bring the total cost up to $69. This is still a better price than many Bluetooth speakers, but what would make it a really good value is if the audio quality is better than expected. IKEA is not a brand that is typically associated with audio equipment, but that shouldn't mean these speakers won't offer good sound, as it's not too hard to do for less money these days.

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speakers

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