Hudly Wireless Gives Drivers Clear Display, Companion App


No matter how good you think you are at using your phone while driving, a heads-up display helps, and startup Hudly wants to make the concept more accessible with a new Hudly Wireless model that brings a clear view and wireless capabilities to a product lineup that can already cast any app from your phone onto a separate dash-mounted display. Rather than using a solid display or requiring an onboard computer in your car to tie into, Hudly Wireless sets itself apart from the crowd by making itself easy to use, available for anybody with a smartphone, and able to feed drivers vital information without obstructing their view of the road.

Hudly Wireless connects to a smartphone wirelessly, and mirrors its display completely. Whatever is happening on the phone's screen is mirrored on the Hudly Wireless' mostly transparent display. This means that whether you're scrolling playlists in Pandora, driving around town with Waze, or testing out a driving app that you've created yourself, Hudly Wireless can keep up. The semi-transparent display adjusts its brightness automatically to match available light, meaning that your eyes will never have to readjust, and you can focus on the road even when looking at directions, finding music, or dictating a text message. The display is flat, unlike many others on the market, which enables viewing angles that make it easy for passengers and drivers alike to see what's going on.

Hudly found moderate success with its first-generation model, and this new Hudly Wireless managed to garner almost $350,000 during a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The new model is currently up for preorder with special pricing as low as $219 on Indiegogo. Once the product launches officially on April 17, and once it does, you'll be able to get one directly from Hudly's website for the full retail price of $349. Preorders on Indiegogo should be getting their products in-hand around the same time as those who wait for the full retail release. Each order comes with free downloads of a companion app for both iOS and Android that features optimized apps for the heads-up display, allowing your phone to act as a secondary control panel.

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