HTC Vive Launches Vive Pro 2.0 Kit Just For Businesses

HTC Vive Pro AH NS 23

HTC Vive has launched a Vive Pro 2.0 Kit just for businesses that are based around virtual reality technology so that they can more easily grow their business. Officially announced just today, businesses that are interested in grabbing one of these kits will be able to do so as of today at a premium. HTC will be selling these kits for a total of £1,299, so the kits won’t exactly be cheap but it’s important to remember these aren’t geared towards individual consumers so the price is probably fairly affordable for any enterprise companies who would have use for it.

The kit will come with the Vive Pro headset itself, as well as two controllers and two base stations. It’ll be possible to buy additional base stations at some point as part of this program though HTC did not mention when that would be exactly, just that it would be at a “later date.” Lastly the kit also includes SteamVR Tracking 2.0. Though it’s logical that developers will certainly find the new kit to be beneficial it isn’t just app and game developers working with VR that would find a need for the hardware. HTC mentions that Volkswagen Group, Raymond Corporation, and Airbus are already utilizing the Vive for simulation purposes, so even companies which aren’t rooted in VR for their main business could benefit from purchasing one of these kits, or however many might be needed.

Purchasing the kits, HTC says, means they come with hardware warranties and “limited downtime”  so should something go wrong with the hardware it shouldn’t take long to get it all fixed up, though there is no explanation of what that entails. Also part of the program will be an availability to purchase Enterprise Advantage package, which will cost £165, though that won’t include the VAT. Enterprise Advantage will come with onsite customer pickup, so for businesses that do need to have something repaired and/or replaced, they won’t have to send anyone anywhere.The package also includes dedicated support from technicians and other specialists through email, online, and phone, as well as a two-year commercial warranty for the headset.