Hangouts Meet Can Now Call US, Canadian Phone Numbers For Free


Google's Hangouts Meet for G Suite can now be used to call phone numbers outside of those that are linked to Hangouts. That's according to a new announcement made via the official company blog, which says the feature should finish rolling out over the next few days. That'll be the same in both rapid release and scheduled release variations of all editions of G Suite, so some users should already be able to take advantage of it. There are really only three caveats to its use. First, administrators will need to enable Google Voice via the admin console in order to use it. The G Suite member who is adding a new caller via the tool will also need to be in the same domain as the event's organizer and will need to be in the web browser variation of the Meet before using the tool. Lastly, this tool is currently only available for calling out to U.S. or Canadian phone numbers.

Setting those aside, utilizing Hangouts' newest tool is easy enough. Call-ins can be added to an event or meeting during its setup or while it is ongoing by following pretty much the same steps with the exception of the first step. For a meeting that is already underway, the "Add someone by phone" option will be in the meeting's details. In the other instance, it will be under the "Add others" option during setup. Then the country the user is in will need to be selected, followed by a phone number being entered before clicking "Call." If more numbers are needed for an extension or other similar in-call options, the dial pad will be available by clicking "Dial."

Although this is only available in select areas, for now, Google will likely add other regions as progress is made in terms of its features and stability. In the meantime, the addition of this option should prove useful in a number of circumstances. Google provides the example of calling a group member who is stuck on the commute to get the meeting started on time. However, this could also be used in circumstances well outside of that, such as in a situation where an expert outside of the group needs to take part in just a couple of meetings to assist with a project or provide input.


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