Google's Spring Wallpapers May Indicate Android P's Name


Google has taken to its Instagram account to share a new series of wallpapers for "Spring 2018" which may or may not provide a clear indication of Android P's full name. For clarity, the company has not officially confirmed any ties to the real identity of Android P – which has previously been tentatively referred to as everything from Pie to Pepsi. However, one of the wallpapers actually contains a series of the warm-weather desserts commonly called popsicles. Since the name of the next Android version will almost certainly start with a P and be named for some kind of treat, "Popsicle" would make sense. The fact that the icy sweet is shown in one of the company's wallpapers could just be a coincidence or it could simply be Google trolling everybody.

It goes without saying that there's no way to know for sure if Google will dub the next iteration of its operating system "Android Popsicle." However, the timing of these wallpapers only deepens the mystery further. The search giant's I/O 2018 conference is just around the corner, taking place in early May, and Android P expected to feature prominently for the event. With that said, until the company reveals more information about it, this is pure speculation. In either case, the wallpapers themselves are interesting in their own right. Anybody interested can head over to the button to download them at full resolution or check them out in the gallery below.

In the meantime, there's not a lot of information available about what big changes will be coming with Android P. Of course, some features and tweaks have been given away via the initial Developer's Preview for the OS. That software is generally just meant to give developers a head start in ensuring that their content will still work with the new firmware. Aside from that, it does sometimes offer glimpses of upcoming changes which will impact developers themselves. But it is hardly comprehensive and there's a chance that some of those changes won't make the final cut. Moreover, the majority of finalized changes probably won't be made known until at least Google's I/O 2018 event.

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