Google Releases Fix Addressing Random Pixelbook Reboots


About a week ago, a number of Google Pixelbook owners reported that their Chrome OS-powered convertibles have begun experiencing random reboots, and the good news today is that Google's engineers appear to have identified the problem and issued a fix. Having said that, Pixelbook users who may have experienced the issue over the past few days should no longer encounter random reboots, as long as their devices run Chrome OS 65.0.3325.209 stable (or Chrome 65 for short) and platform version 10323.67.5.

According to user reports, the problem leading to random reboots was seemingly related to the Pixelbook's connectivity features. Specifically, the unit was much more susceptible to random reboots when users attempted to connect the device to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, and the problem seems to have persisted when switching to different user accounts or guest mode. Otherwise, the random restarts could have been avoided for the most part, though realistically speaking, a Pixelbook with a faulty connectivity and an inability to connect to the Internet can be a pretty big issue given the nature of the device and its cloud-based features. While Google didn't go into any details as to what may have caused these random reboots in the first place, Pixelbook owner who may have been affected by this issue should now ensure that their units run the latest version of Chrome OS.

In another train of thought, it's worth noting that the Google Pixelbook is no longer limited to running Chrome OS only, as it recently gained support for Google's experimental Fuchsia operating system built by the company on the Zircon microkernel, as opposed to using a Linux kernel like the standard Chrome operating system. However, Fuchsia is not yet a viable solution for a daily driver as the OS is still in development and most of its features are not working as intended or are lacking altogether. As for Pixelbook owners who wouldn't want to abandon Chrome OS anyway, Google continues to improve its platform with new software updates on a regular basis, having most recently launched Chrome OS 66 beta earlier this spring.

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