Google Play Games May Soon Get 'Delete Specific Data' Option

According to a new Google Play Games app teardown, Google may soon introduce an option which would let you delete specific game data from the company’s servers. The source decided to dig around through the Google Play Games v5.6 application, where this info was found, along with some other tidbits which the code indicated. Do keep in mind that this is not a confirmation of any sort, though, as Google may be testing some features that may not become a reality at all, as per usual.

Having said that, at the moment, you are able to delete your entire profile, which then deleted your Gamer ID, scores, and any other game-related data from Google’s servers, but you are not able to delete anything specific, like data for a specific game, for example. Well, such feature may become available in the upcoming version of the Google Play Games app, at least according to the info provided by the source. Now, the info also suggests that such data will be deleted within 24 hours, following your request, while local data was not mentioned, at all. Now, the code also suggests that you may be able to delete data from all ‘archived games’, not only specific games. It is still not unclear what Google thinks by ‘archived games’, but those are probably games that you haven’t played for a while, or perhaps uninstalled games, as Google keeps data for such titles as well.

Now, this change may be connected to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will go into effect by the end of next month. In any case, in addition to this delete game data option, an upcoming update may also bring something called a ‘Hub’ page. No info was provided as to what exactly that is, but it could be some sort of a new feature added to the application. It is yet unclear when these new features may arrive to the Google Play Games application, but considering that GDPR goes into effect on May 25, chances are that the update will roll out sooner than that, presuming that Google is making this change because of GDPR, of course.

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