GameLounge Releases Beta Hyrdogen Chrooma Keyboard Update


GameLounge has now released a new Beta version of its Chrooma Keyboard Pro for Android via a massive update it calls Chrooma Hydrogen. Probably the most obvious change pertains to the new theme options, including improvements to themes that had already been available in previous versions of the Chrooma app. That extends outward to the app itself, which has also been redesigned for a more intuitive experience. However, there are a few deeper tweaks that have been made here as well, including the ability to swipe on the spacebar to insert the next word that's been loaded into the suggestions bar. That's going to be useful since the suggestions code has been reworked to be smoother and more accurate, while the underlying A.I. prediction engine has been completely rewritten for speed and accuracy. Aside from those changes, a plus icon has been added to the prediction bar to access GIFS, images, clipboard, and more, while new emojis have also been added. If that gets in the way, the option has been added back to the app to remove the bar completely. Meanwhile, proofreading features have been added for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.

Of course, Chrooma Keyboard Pro also comes with all of the features that made Chrooma such a great keyboard replacement, to begin with. That means gesture-based typing is still available, as are the plethora of color and theming options for paid users. Even without paying, the keyboard will adaptively theme itself to suit phone settings or the app that the keyboard is being used in. There's a built-in programmable night mode for those low-light situations where too much light can be harmful and both one-handed and split keyboard modes are also included. Finally, GIF searching is possible from the keyboard itself and, it should go without saying, emoji are a part of the package.

All of those features don't come for free though, as it will cost money to access more in-depth options and customization. The app itself, as would be expected of any good keyboard app, is free. But users will need to pay either a low monthly subscription or a one-time cost of around $10 to unlock everything. That's a fairly steep price for any application. It's also not required to have a good experience with Chrooma, as compared to many other apps. So anybody interested in checking it out for themselves will want to hit the Google Play button below.


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