Galarm Brings A Social Aspect To Mobile Alarm Clocks

Alarms are usually only a social affair when more than one person is in the room where one is going off but Acintyo, Inc.'s new app, Galarm, is looking to toss that notion on its head. That's because, unlike most other apps in the category, Galarm is not just a way for its primary user to wake up in the morning. Instead, the developers have created a way to connect those alarms to people and tasks through alarm sharing and reminders. Acintyo started on the basis of any good alarm app. Users can create standard notification events in the app to be reminded of specific times when certain tasks need to be accomplished or when they need to wake up. The alarms will automatically adapt to a user's location, continue working without a data connection, and log-ins are automatic - with a phone number being used for verification. That means that the alarms transfer when a user updates their device and there's no need to remember passwords or the like. It goes without saying that each of the alarms is customizable, so nobody's stuck with a stock buzzing noise to wake up to.

But that's where the usual alarm functionality ends and the differentiating features begin. For starters, as a social app, group alarms can be set for various activities. If a group of friends has a party at a specific time, for example, an alarm can be set to remind everybody and it will go off at the same time for everybody involved. The same could be applied to a group vacation where everybody needs to be up at the same time. Participants in the alarm will be able to confirm their participation or decline the alarms and notifications will be received with their responses. Moreover, the app has a chat for the alarms so that context or fine details of a given alarm can be discussed. Beyond that, alarms can be sent specifically to others via "Buddy Alarms." Those follow similar parameters to the group alarms but are sent to only one individual to help them remember something specific to themselves. If they miss the alarm, the app will even notify the sender so they can remind their friend.

With that said, that doesn't mean there's no way to prevent from being bombarded with undesired alarms either. In addition to the optional nature of the alarms, users can outright block alarms from a given phone number. That's bound to be a useful feature in this particular app. All things considered, this may just be the most feature-rich comprehensive alarm app for Android. Better still, it's designed to be shared.

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