Fuchsia Mysteriously Shows Up In AOSP's ART Segment

Google's mysterious and somewhat secretive Fuchsia OS is raising a few new eyebrows after being spotted in the Android RunTime (ART) segment of AOSP. For those who may not know already, AOSP effectively serves as the open-source underpinnings to Android's foundation. The obvious implication of this find would be that this may suggest Fuchsia will be tied in with Android somehow. More directly, this could mean that the operating system will be able to run Android applications natively, similarly to how Chrome OS can. That would represent a massive head start for Google since the OS has been custom built from the ground up - rather than being based on a Linux kernel as Android and Chrome are. It would effectively mean access to a substantial library of apps right out of the gate.

However, it doesn't necessarily point to that and may, in fact, not mean much at all. That's leaving alone prior speculations that Google would be doing away with or merging both Android and Chrome OS in favor of something new. More importantly, this could simply be a part of building on the central app SDK for Fuchsia called Flutter. That's meant to be able to create apps that run on both Android and iOS. So this could easily be part of those efforts since, presumably, both types of apps would be able to run on Fuchsia. That's especially if its meant to act as an underlying operating system optimized for developing with Flutter.

With that said, the newly discovered entries at the AOSP site could really mean anything. Google has done a very good job of keeping any leaks or hints at what Fuchsia is well under wraps. That's despite that trial and experimental variations of it have popped up online. So, for the time being, it's probably worth repeating that this should all be taken with a grain of salt. With any luck, more information will finally be revealed at this year's Google I/O Developers Conference that's set to take place between May 8 and May 10.

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