First Layer Health Reveals Smart TV-Based Communications


First Layer Health has a new platform called TheirCare, intended to give home caregivers, friends, and family an easy way to check in on their loved ones through smart televisions and connected platforms. More specifically, the platform works via either Android TV or Amazon's Fire TV as a subscription service for helping elderly individuals maintain meaningful communication. Since, according to the company, television is the preferred platform for those in the 65 and up demographic, TheirCare seems to be a great way to accomplish that. The service isn't exactly cheap, costing $11.99 per month. However, it will allow up 5 support members, via their own Android handset or a computer, to keep in touch with up to two care recipients via their connected TV or add-on device. Larger groups can add additional members for just short of an extra dollar per month.

As alluded to above, the devices that can be used aren't limited to any of the newest models of Android TV-enabled televisions. Any over-the-top device that connects to a TV and uses the above-mentioned platforms can be used – such as Amazon's Fire TV stick. Through those, recipients can receive more than just video calls. They can also view texts, photos, or video messages directly on their television and there's no limit on the number of those that can be sent either. That means that family members, friends, and those working in a home healthcare capacity will be able to contact recipients as frequently as they need to without extra costs. Moreover, it allows for individuals hitting retirement age to continue participating with the rest of the family and can help elderly patients get support when they need it most. Meanwhile, navigation is easy when compared to using a smartphone or tablet. Everything is controlled by recipients via the TV remote using the arrow keys and okay or select button – depending on the remote. If the TV isn't turned on, options are available to send the messages to a phone instead and up to three televisions can be connected to the plan at a time.

Obviously, use of the new tool can extend far beyond those scenarios, as well, although it certainly isn't billed as a telemedicine platform. Health practitioners could also be included in the loop for quick interactions when no appointments are available. Conversely, parents could feasibly use this as a means to interact with their children or it could be used as another way for just about anybody to communicate.

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