Firefox Browser Gets Support For YouTube TV

YouTube TV App AH

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has received support for YouTube TV which means that anyone who prefers the Firefox browser over Google’s highly popular Chrome browser now have an alternative option for streaming their favorite TV shows through YouTube’s streaming service. Up until now, YouTube TV was only compatible with Chrome when it came to web browsers, and this was in addition to the Android and iOS mobile apps. The recently added support was discovered by tech blog Your Tech Explained, which had noticed YouTube TV working with Firefox after checking.

YouTube doesn’t appear to have made any sort of mention that Firefox was now supported, for whatever reason, perhaps because it wants users to continue using Chrome over Firefox. Whatever the reason though, the fact of the matter is that Firefox is now supported by the service. When YouTube TV will be extended to additional browsers is unknown so for now it seems that users will be limited to just the two different browser types and the number of apps across various platforms. As noted by YouTube on its support page for YouTube TV platform compatibility, having the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox will “ensure” the best possible viewing experience. This doesn’t state that the latest version of either browser is required for the service to work, though.

The support page for YouTube TV now lists that Firefox works in addition to Chrome for accessing the service, and just like before the same section of the support page details that additional browser support will be added in the future, but makes no mention of when the support will be added or what browsers will be included, just that it is working to bring support to more browsers, which is still good news for anyone who doesn’t use either Chrome or Firefox as there’s still hope that their browser of choice will be included, should it be a big enough browser to warrant support in the first place.