Exclusive: Official LG G7 ThinQ Render, All Available Colors Confirmed

LG G7 ThinQ Official AH 01

This is the LG G7, LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone for 2018. There’s been a number of leaked images and renders that have come through over the past few weeks and months, although AndroidHeadlines can confirm this is an official press render for LG’s new smartphone. The image was provided to AndroidHeadlines by a reliable source, along with further information which corroborates the authenticity of the render.

As the image depicts, the LG G7 — or more accurately, the LG G7 ThinQ — will be available in a variety of color options. AndroidHeadlines can confirm there will be five colors in total, as well as the names of those colors. With the LG G7 ThinQ set to arrive in “Aurora Black,” “Platinum Grey,” “Moroccan Blue,” “Moroccan Blue (Matte),” and “Raspberry Rose.” The Aurora Black will be the ‘default’ color option, with the others launching as alternatives for those seeking a more customized look. As is usually the case with color variation, the availability of these models will vary by region and carrier.

The image does also reconfirm a ‘notch’ will be included on this year’s major LG smartphone, along with an edge-to-edge design with a view to offering as much display on the front panel as possible. In spite of the seemingly small surface area of the notch, this is where the front-facing camera and the earpiece speaker will be located. The LG G7 ThinQ will follow on from last year’s model by adopting a dual rear camera setup. Though unlike the previous G-series model, the G6, the cameras will be vertically aligned instead of horizontally. The fingerprint reader will retain its position on the rear of the device — below the camera module — albeit in a lower position due to the change in alignment of the camera module. Besides the volume up, down, and power button, the image also shows a fourth button which seems likely to allow for instant activation of an AI assistant. One last design point worth noting is on the branding front as the render seems to show the LG G7 ThinQ without the typical G-series numerical branding on its rear plate. In other words, there is the suggestion the rear panel will not display the “G7” branding and will instead only highlight “LG.” If a correct assumption, this is something that has not been seen on G-series phones since the LG G3 and would add further confirmation that LG has now basically stripped the G smartphone lineup of its visible G-series branding.