Deal: These True Wireless Earbuds Are Only $27.99 With This Code

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If you are in the market for a new pair of earphones then these MJYUN earbuds are definitely worth checking out right now. First off, these are super affordable earbuds as they are currently available for just $39.99 from Amazon. However, using the coupon code below will take another $12 off that already low price bringing the final cost down to only $27.99. For that price, these are seriously worth taking a closer look at.

What makes these such a great purchase at this price is the fact these are true wireless earbuds. Which means, there are no wires at all in play here. No wire needed to connect the earbuds to a smartphone and more importantly no wire connecting the two earbuds to each other. They are literally wire-free in all respects and will offer the wearer a completely cord-free listening experience. To put this price into perspective, true earbuds likes these typically cost closer to — and often in excess of — $100. So at under $30 for a pair of true wireless earbuds these offer unparalleled value and will suit a number of different users, including those in need of new earbuds for the gym, for out running, or for anything else.


With these being wireless earbuds they do make use of Bluetooth to establish a connection with a device. In this case, this is Bluetooth 4.2 and this is of note as version 4.2 means they will offer an extended connection range compared to earlier versions, as well as a more stable connection in general. In terms of battery life the MJYUN wireless earbuds are rated to offer up to two hours of music playback (or four hours of talk time) before needing to be recharged again. However, these are earbuds which come with a carry case that also doubles as a charger. So even when the battery is low they can be stored in their case and will receive a full charge again in less than two hours. In total, MJYUN states when combined with the full 500 mAh capacity of the case users can expect up to eight hours of battery power before the earbuds will need to be recharged again via a wall socket.

Besides the battery life the company has looked to ensure the overall experience is as simple as possible and this includes the pairing procedure as well. As once they are out of their case, turning on the earbuds (pressing their side button) automatically activates Bluetooth mode allowing the user to then connect to their smartphone, tablet, or PC as quickly as possible. In addition, these are earbuds that come with a number of software optimizations to not only ensure a high quality sound but also aide in noise cancellation, so the user can just concentrate on the music. While those looking for a more customized look even have the option of choosing between an all-black or an all-white color. To grab a pair of these earbuds for just $27.99 head through the link and make sure to use the coupon code below when checking out. This is a limited time deal, however, as the coupon code is set to expire on Monday, April 23.

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