Deal: JBL BOOMBOX Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $399 – 4/6/18

Advertisement also has the JBL BOOMBOX on sale today for $399. That's good for $50 off of its regular price of $449, and brings it down to its lowest price, all-time. This makes it a great time to pick up this speaker, especially for those looking for a big speaker that can output a lot of sound.

The JBL BOOMBOX is a fairly large Bluetooth speaker, but it is still portable since it does have a battery inside. It's a massive, 20,000mAh battery that can also double as a battery pack for charging your smartphone while it's playing music. The JBL BOOMBOX is also IPX7, which makes it waterproof. This makes it the best speaker to take to the beach or to the pool with you. The JBL BOOMBOX does also support JBL Connect+, this means you'll be able to connect it to other JBL speakers and daisy chain them for even more sound. Though that won't be an issue with this one, as the BOOMBOX does have enough power to fill an entire room with sound. JBL touts that this BOOMBOX has monstrous sound and also some very hard hitting bass. Which means it has a big woofer inside, but JBL doesn't make the exact specs public. Additionally, JBL does have a number of different sound modes available here for you to use and get the best sound experience possible.

This is sold by which is part of Harman (who owns JBL). So this is a first-party reseller and not a third-party reseller like Amazon. That means that this is a real JBL BOOMBOX and you won't need to worry about any fakes here. does do free shipping and also does collect taxes, though the tax rate does differ by state, so that will depend on where you are located.