Casetify Impact & Glitter Cases For Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

Casetify is once again supporting the latest flagship release from Samsung, with the company recently launching a wide variety of its Impact and Glitter cases for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. We spent some ten days testing three of the many accessory variants offered by the manufacturer for protecting the 6.2-inch phablet and are here to answer the question of whether Casetify's new products are worth their price tags which amount to $45 for Glitter cases and $49 for their Impact counterparts.

In short and regarding the Glitter series in particular, you won't find a better Galaxy S9 case filled with such flashy liquid glint than what Casetify came up with. While the sheer number of choice the firm is offering in terms of design is commendable, what truly sets these cases apart from their competitors is that they are somewhat flexible and hence easier to snap onto a device or take off than their entirely sturdy alternatives. Obviously, you still shouldn't be expecting a highly bendable product but that's not to take away from the fact that Casetify managed to find a good balance of form and function with its newest Glitter lineup, delivering offerings that are both stylish and easy to set up.

As for their primary purpose, Casetify says its Glitter cases offer "strong" protection that's somewhat inferior to their Impact counterparts but should still offer adequate shielding from scratches and everyday wear and tear most Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus owners would otherwise be likely to encounter. The corners of the cases are softened and should be relatively impact-resistant, and while their backs may also protect your handset from mechanical damage, they likely won't be able to do so more than once when it comes to serious falls as the case itself is likely to crack and have its decorative liquid leak. In terms of style, Glitter cases and all other Casetify products are fully customizable so you're able to choose between several different snowglobe-like glitter styles and have your custom designs printed on the back, which is a perfect solution for someone who knows exactly what they want. Everyone else can still choose from dozens of Casetify's existing designs, many of which have that in-your-face quality that's bold and flashy, so if that's exactly what you're going for, nothing else on the market really comes close.

Impact cases are simultaneously even harder and more flexible than their Glitter-branded peers, with the combination of plastic and silicon being a tried and true formula that still works as good as it ever did. Custom designs are also on offer here, with every model having reinforced edges that contain uneven lines of what appears to be silicon and look like crystal waves when observing the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus from upfront. It's an effect that's hard to see on images and really needs to be experienced in person, with even the most basic and perfectly clear Impact case being capable of producing that shape-shifting visual phenomenon that always makes them interesting to look at. Unlike the Glitter lineup, Impact cases add a negligible amount of weight to Samsung's latest Android flagships and aren't bulky given how they don't have to accommodate a tank of liquid sparkles. They also protect all physical buttons of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus while simultaneously being thick enough to prevent the handsets' lenses from ever touching any surface while the phablets are laid down.

One drawback of both Glitter and Impact cases is that using them in conjunction with Edge Sense functionalities can sometimes be difficult as the edge of the Infinity Display panel is close to the fringe of the new products, but frankly, the same can be said for nearly every other protective accessory on the market. That issue is simply a result of Samsung's design philosophy that turned the most vulnerable part of its new devices into a feature, indirectly encouraging users to leave them unprotected and unobstructed so that they can easily be swiped. The curved display of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is still shallower than the screens of the Galaxy S8-series handsets but being able to consistently activate Edge Panels ten times out of ten remains a challenge no matter how long you practice, at least from our experience. That small gripe notwithstanding, both the Glitter and Impact cases are excellent products that anyone looking for highly customizable accessories meant to accompany their new Samsung-made flagship will know how to appreciate so if you fit that description, this is an investment that you're highly unlikely to ever regret.

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