AT&T To Speed Up 5G Deployment Via Crown Castle Deal


AT&T is set to speed up its 5G deployment via the Crown Castle deal that it currently has in place. The improvement to AT&T’s 5G rollout efforts will be part of the expansion to the Crown Castle deal and will help AT&T build out its 5G technologies, which will lead to a faster rollout of its 5G network for consumers across the country, which will help to improve the overall network quality and reliability. The deal expansion will also help AT&T with the work its doing on FirstNet, the carrier’s network setup that is meant to be used for first responders in times of crisis.

In addition to helping speed up the deployment process of 5G and AT&T’s FirstNet network efforts the expanded partnership will also make things more streamlined to bring improved efficiency to the whole process, which as noted by AT&T will also increase flexibility with their procedures and allow them to increase network capacity and deploy other new technologies. AT&T’s Executive Vice President of Global Connections and Supply Chain Susan Johnson referred to the deal as a “significant milestone” between the two companies, noting the simplicity of the lease management process and highlighting the improved efficiency that the continued deal will bring to technology rollouts.

For those unaware, Crown Castle is a company that specializes in leasing cell towers to wireless carriers. Prior to this deal expansion it held a long-standing partnership agreement with AT&T and in previous years it held deals with other carriers too, such as T-Mobile, and as recently as this year, it signed a new deal with Sprint to improve the carrier’s network equipment. Though not entirely about 5G network technologies deployment this partnership expansion between AT&T and Crown Castle is just the latest move made by the U.S.’ second-largest wireless carrier to further its 5G network advancements, even going so far as to explain earlier this week that it is well-equipped to roll out a 5G network in earnest that has been extensively tested, suggesting that its efforts are at the forefront.