Amazon's Key Service Will Make Deliveries To Your Car

Amazon Key In Car

Amazon’s Key service will now make deliveries to your car as the company has just announced today that Amazon Key will be adding an ‘In-Car’ feature allowing Amazon delivery drivers to leave packages in your trunk. Short of the obvious benefit of Amazon orders coming straight to you when you’re not at home, this also makes it possible for consumers to receive orders without having to drive home to grab an order if they needed or wanted it as soon as possible.

Amazon’s addition of ‘In-Car’ is one of added convenience for Prime members, and one that builds on the already convenient Amazon Key which lets delivery drivers leave packages inside the home so they aren’t waiting on your step. There are a couple of caveats of course should Prime members want to take advantage of this new service. First, members will need a compatible vehicle that allows delivery drivers access so the packages can be left inside. There isn’t any extra equipment needed to make things work but members will need to have a specific vehicle make and model. Amazon doesn’t specify which models are compatible in its announcement but it does note that the vehicle will need to be from Volvo, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, or Buick, and be from 2015 or later with an active OnStar account. That said Amazon does make it pretty easy to see if you car is compatible, you simply have to enter a few “key” pieces of information about it to find out. You can do so by clicking the button below.

Amazon also mentions that support will be coming for more vehicles in the future however it does not state which new vehicles will be added. As noted users will also need to be Amazon Prime subscribers and the Amazon Key app will need to be installed on their smartphones in addition to the above requirements. Amazon Key In-Car should already be available to Prime members who have a compatible vehicle and an active OnStar account, and Amazon has even put out a video which you can see below that display what some of the first customers have thought of the new service.

Check Your Vehicle's Eligibility