ALIEN: DESCENT VR Experience To Open In Orange County Soon

ALIEN DESCENT VR Experience Promo Image

Fans of VR in or around Orange County may want to mark their calendars regarding a unique VR experience called ALIEN: DESCENT, which opens at The Outlets at Orange on April 26. That’s according to a new announcement from Pure Imagination Studios and FoxNext Destinations, which partnered on the project. As the name implies, the experience centers around the same universe as the ALIEN movie franchise. In fact, participants will be tasked with traveling to a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost as a squad of Colonial Marines to investigate a distress signal. In true franchise fashion, that will mean confronting the threat presented by baddies from the movies, including Xenomorphs and face-huggers. It will also mean rescuing and quarantining survivors from the facility.

The experience itself utilizes two 2-player arenas and a new VR technology developed by Pure Imagination Studios. The tech is completely wireless and doesn’t require a PC backpack, which allows participants from each part of a four-participant squad to move around freely. In turn, that should allow for a completely immersive experience for those who choose to participate. As mentioned above, this is not only the first use of Pure Imagination Studios’ new technology. It will also only be available at the Orange County mall, Outlets at Orange, as of this writing. Squads are comprised of four players and tickets are set to sell for $22. There are no details yet on how long the experience will remain available or whether it will be brought to other locales. However, time slot details have been supplied via the official experience website and sign-up for ticket booking is available there as well. On Monday through Friday, the tickets can be purchased for hours between 10 in the morning and 9 at night. Weekend times run an hour later, while Sundays see the experience close an hour earlier.

Of course, there are a few additional restrictions with consideration for the nature of this particular VR experience. Participants need to be at least 10 years old and 4-feet tall. Adult sign-off is required for those under 17. A waiver also needs to be signed, with participation discouraged for those with health problems or who are pregnant. Moreover, casual attire is recommended and no flip-flops or high-heels are permitted. Although it runs every day of the week, the slots are bound to fill up fast at the abovementioned cost, with only two participants allowed to take part in each group. So it’s probably a good idea to book early via the button below.

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