Adonit's Precision-Focused Droid Disc Stylus Now Available


For those Android users who are always looking for a high-precision stylus without the hassle of sizing up various rubber nibs, Adonit has now launched a new solution called the Adonit Droid disc stylus. More directly, the mobile tech accessory, which was launched earlier this year in the U.S., is now available in the U.K. as well. Available on Amazon, the stylus sells for just $24.99 and £30.03 respectively. Shipping is free in both cases. Like others in the disc stylus category, Droid's design centers around a non-removable plastic disc with a central point that sends a capacitive signal so that it works on nearly any such screen. That's a big advantage since buying a device that comes with a dedicated small-tipped stylus can be pricey under the best circumstances. However, while disc-type styluses are often considered cumbersome and awkward, Adonit has taken quite a few steps to improve the overall design.

For starters, the size of the disc in use by Adonit has been downscaled enough that the company is comfortable calling it a micro disc. It measures just 4.75mm in diameter – around 30-percent smaller than others. That should mean that users get the precision of a disc-based stylus without as much learning curve. Moreover, that's been built out of materials expressly to avoid scratching the display it's used with. The tip behind the disc, meanwhile, is engineered with a dampening effect to provide a more realistic writing or drawing experience, lessening the learning curve further over the designs of previous products in the category. With regard to the pen behind the tip, that's made of brushed metal and weighs in at a reasonable 13g. The pen portion is 7mm in diameter and 120mm long, giving users a more natural in-hand feel. A cap is included that features a clip for easy placement without as much risk that the stylus will end up lost. Black, silver, or midnight blue variants are available.

For the price, that all adds up to a relatively tempting package and that's especially true since a phone or tablet with an active stylus can be prohibitively expensive. Best of all, even owners of smaller smartphones should be able to take advantage of this, with consideration for how much smaller the disc on the Adonit Droid is. Anybody interested in picking one up, meanwhile, should head over to the appropriate button below.

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