You Can Now Add Your Gmail Address To Google Duo

Google Duo App AH 1

Google has released a new version of the Google Duo app that allows you to add a Gmail address to your phone number. Google Duo version 31 is now available via an update on the Google Play Store, letting you connect your Google account to the video calling service in order to reach your friends and family more seamlessly, the company says. Once activated, the functionality will allow your contacts who have your Google account call you even if they don’t have your phone number.

In order to add your Gmail account to Google Duo, open the app and go to Settings by tapping the hamburger menu. There you will be able to find the option for adding your Google account, wherein you will able to select an account you want to be added to Duo, provided you have already signed up to Gmail previously. Otherwise, you will need to tap “Add account” in order to create a Google account before adding it to your profile. The new feature is reportedly still somewhat unreliable and it remains unclear whether Google must conduct a server-side switch until it’s fully operational. Additionally, another upcoming functionality coming as part of the Google account linking is the ability to log in to more than one device simultaneously once a Google account is linked to Duo. The video calling app used to limit users to a single phone number sign-in at once, meaning they weren’t able to log into Duo using multiple devices. However, that’s about to change with the new update if you opt to link your Gmail account to the app.

Google Duo has received a host of updates in recent times. Earlier in January, the app started allowing users to receive calls even if they have not installed the app. More recently, Google rolled out a feature to Duo that would add video calls to your native phone call history.