VR: PC Headset Owners To Finally Get Support For Skyrim VR

There are tons of games available for PC VR headsets both through Steam and through the Oculus store, but there's one title that PC players have no doubt wanted a crack at, even if it has been available in a non-VR form for years - Skyrim VR which was previously exclusive to PS4 owners with a PSVR headset, is finally going to be launching on PC with support for the HTC Vive (and also the Vive Pro), the Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, essentially making it compatible with all VR headsets that would have the power to run the game. Seeing as the original Skyrim was available for PC this only makes sense, and it's about time that players on the Vive or Rift or Windows MR platforms get to dive back into the world of Tamriel.

The SteamVR release is due to hit on April 3, so it's only a couple of weeks away before PC players can sink their teeth into what was once one of the most played games across platforms. Having said that it also sparks the question of whether or not Bethesda should quit while they're ahead. Skyrim is a really old game. It's already been released in its initial form for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 consoles, then it was re-released as a definitive edition for the new-gen consoles, and now it's been released as a VR version for PSVR, with the PC VR headset version to come. Suffice it to say Bethesda is certainly milking Skyrim for all that it's worth, and while this is great for some gamers, others feel Bethesda is beating a dead horse, and they may be but not everyone feels this way. This is a point that's made clear by some of the comments on the official YouTube page for this video. Granted this is only two comments out of the lot, but the comments also echo those of tons of other users.

Comments and opinions about the game aside, the release of Skyrim VR for the PC platform seems like great timing, given the SteamVR announcement that was just made about automating the supersampling for downscaling or upscaling the visuals. This is still only available in a beta form as Valve just begun to roll it out to beta users of SteamVR, but there is still a chance that it will make its way to the stable users before the Skyrim VR release hits on April 3. Even if it doesn't hit around the same time it's still a great thing for anyone who already has access to the new feature through the beta that is considering picking up this game, as it should be interesting to see if the auto supersampling does anything to help the graphics.

Even though users seem to be conflicted about companies re-releasing old games as virtual reality versions, there's a case to be made for getting to feel like you're actually living in the world of some of your favorite games. Skyrim may now be an older title that has served its purpose for some gamers, but it's hard to argue that some of the best games of the last ten years wouldn't be fun in VR. Bethesda knows this, and is simply taking advantage of it. At $60 for the game plus all of its DLC, it may not be worth it to some users who have already played and beaten the game at least once, and the price does feel steep for an older game, but then again it's important to remember that this is also a new game in a sense, and with all the DLC coming with it it's kind of a deal when you consider Skyrim in its original form was $60 without DLC when it launched initially. Wherever you stand, Skyrim VR being ported over to SteamVR showcases to other game studios that it might be worth looking into making VR versions of some of their biggest hits, as there certainly seems to be a market for it.

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